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世界聯合歸正教會(WARC)與普世改革宗協會(REC)於本年六月中在美國密西根州激流市(Grand Rapids)召開「世界改革宗大會」,該會邀請各地會員教會在代禱中紀念是次成立大會及各地與會者。該會定於六月二十日(主日)下午4時假當地加爾文學院(Calvin College)舉行感恩崇拜及聯合聖餐典禮,誠邀各地會員教會於當天一同慶賀該會的成立,乃標誌著基督教的聯合踏進了新的層次,各改革宗教會在主內同屬一家。




To all Member churches, Area Councils, Executive Committee members

Dear friends,

The United General Council will begin next week. We invited you to be praying along with delegates who will be gathering in Grand Rapids. We also invited you to arrange for your congregations to celebrate the birth of the World Communion of Reformed Churches - which marks a new level of Christian unity and unity in the Reformed family. Attached, please find the liturgy that will be used to mark this celebration on June 20. We will be very grateful if you can arrange for as many as possible of your congregations to use it or adapt portions of it for use in worship services on June 20.

Since our first letter on this, we have received questions around if congregations also want to give a birthday gift in the form of a collection that will be offered to the World Communion of Reformed Churches. We Welcome this idea, and encourage congregations which feel like doing so to take up such offerings and channel through their head offices, or through the DONATE portal of the WARC website ( or on the *About us* page of website, donate through the donate right now portal.

Let us give thanks to God for unity within the Reformed family as WARC and the REC become one in the World Communion of Reformed Churches.

Sincerely yours,
Rev. Dr. Setri Nyomi (WARC General Secretary)
Dr. Richard Van Houten (REC General Secretary)

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