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1. 強烈要求警方停止使用具殺傷力器械對待抗爭人士。
2. 強烈呼籲特區政府,應認真回應眾多香港巿民對真普選的訴求。
3. 懇請爭取真普選的各方團體和人士,繼續以愛與和平的方式進行爭取。
4. 期望本會信徒及教牧同工,繼續為香港及受傷人士祈禱,關懷有需要人士,並與本會各學校教師及服務單位職員,並肩緊守崗位,以真誠及愛心,實踐基督捨己精神。



The Hong Kong Council of the Church of Christ in China
Our Condemnation and Appeal

We strongly condemn the Hong Kong Police for using disproportionate violence towards unarmed protesters yesterday, and hereby appeal and strongly request that,

1. the Police should stop using destructive devices against the protesters;
2. the SAR Government should carefully respond to many Hong Kong people's yearning for genuine universal suffrage;
3. all parties and individuals seeking for universal suffrage should continue to do so with love and peace.
4. our faithful and clergy should continue to pray for Hong Kong and the injured, to care for the people in need, and side by side with the staff and teachers in our schools and service units to discharge our duties with sincerity and love, and to live up to the self-sacrifice of Christ.

We pledge to uphold the Biblical standard and to live out our faith, and to walk humbly with the Lord and the Hong Kong citizens in righteousness and mercy.

The Standing Committee of the Hong Kong Council of Church of Christ in China
Date: 29th September, 2014

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